Missed my calling?

Ever since Ruby was a baby I have had these grand illusions of always making her birthday cake myself. Those dreams have actually become a reality and each year I challenge myself to something better than the year before. People call me crazy. Why would you go to all that time and effort making a … Continue reading Missed my calling?

Cheaper than botox

It's back. I have a love hate relationship with my fringe. But as the dreaded 3-9 birthday approaches and I enter my year before 40 (vomit), the lines just don't seem to be going away (funny that). The first time I got my fringe was the year we got married. 2008. All my husband could … Continue reading Cheaper than botox

Mum Brain

Mum brain is a real phenomenon. For anyone who doesn't know what I'm talking about, check out this hilarious article by Scary Mommy.  Number 28 is one of my all time favourites as I constantly click my car FOB to try to get into my office. My office is so tight nit, I literally can't … Continue reading Mum Brain

Winter Blues

Anyone else struggling? I haven't blogged in ages. I just haven't felt I have had anything good to say. And I literally cannot get my body out of bed in the mornings. At first I blamed the time change. Then my kids. Then my husband. Then my job. But going to bed by 9pm, waking up … Continue reading Winter Blues

I’m an a$$hole

My 16 month old spent the whole weekend doing this: Seriously. We had dinner at friends on Friday night. Non stop errands on Saturday during the day. A Halloween Party Saturday night. And a birthday party on Sunday am. All she did was cry. 💯 of the time. Even if someone looked at her, it … Continue reading I’m an a$$hole

so many stains

After writing a laundry post earlier in the week, it made me laugh/cringe when Ruby came home yesterday looking like this.   I couldn't capture ALL of the colours she had on her, but I think you get the general gist. Her trousers were originally pink. When I collected her they had more of a … Continue reading so many stains

Making a List

I know I can't be the only Mum who's list obsessed (please tell me I'm not), but sometimes I feel like it's hard to be the only one responsible for the list making. Birthday presents Birthday invite list Clothes for the kids Groceries Passwords (encrypted list, obv) Recipes Things to do in the house Christmas … Continue reading Making a List

Listening Ears

"Ruby! Turn your listening ears on!" This might be said in my house at least 25 times per day. It's cute though. She turns her ears like a radio dial and then I know she's actually paying attention to me. It's ironic, because one of my listening ears flat out doesn't work. I'm deaf in … Continue reading Listening Ears

Staying Connected

And no. Put your mobile down. That's not what I mean. My girls are 3.5 years apart. It's an age gap that wasn't planned. It took forever to get pregnant the 2nd go around. Put the violins away, nothing like what some of my friends have gone or are going through. Just more annoyance than … Continue reading Staying Connected

Getting It Done

My list of 'fears' about going back to work is a long one. So that I don't lose you in list boredom, I am going to focus on my BIGGEST one. Laundry. For any non-parent followers that I have, you might wonder what going back to work has to do laundry. And surely there's more … Continue reading Getting It Done

Vlog: Running in 6ix

Today it happened. The thing that all runners have told me about. And it actually happened to me. I no longer felt like the only kid who couldn't see the hidden image in that 3D optical illusion poster (honestly, how do I never see it???) I enjoyed my run. And felt I could run further. … Continue reading Vlog: Running in 6ix

Anyway, Susan…

I didn't grow up in Canada. Translation, I didn't grow up with Gord. And when I moved here at 15, well, I was going through what all 15 year olds typically go through. Total. Utter. Defiance. My life had been totally uprooted. I LOVED my life in England. Loved my school. Loved my friends. Loved … Continue reading Anyway, Susan…

vlog: Festival Of Lights

Tonight we celebrated Diwali with the best neighbours in town. Our street, Tiverton, is a mecca. Literally, if a house comes up for sale, people act quicker than when someone says last call. It's a dead end. We have a park. And every other house there are kids. But more importantly, for us bigger kids,  … Continue reading vlog: Festival Of Lights

Running For Pops

My Pops was the best. He was a wee man, originally from a very small town outside of Glasgow. His family emigrated to Canada when he was a teenager and even though laterally he lost his Glaswegian accent, the Scottish droll was always prevalent. Regardless of his height, he was larger than life. Hands down … Continue reading Running For Pops

Gobble Gobble

Having not grown up in Canada, Thanksgiving is a newer tradition for me. And slowly turning into one of my favourites - my nickname for my husband and kids just so happens to be "Turkey". There's a lot we should be thankful for. Regardless of what day it is. I continue to be thankful for … Continue reading Gobble Gobble